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What is One Belt One Road (OBOR) of CHINA?

The One Belt One Road (OBOR), the brainchild of Chinese President Xi Jinping, is an ambitious project that focuses on improving connectivity and cooperation among multiple countries spread across the continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe. Dubbed as the “project of the Century” by the Chinese authorities, OBOR spans about 78 countries.

How One belt One Road (OBOR) Works

Initially announced in the year 2013 with a purpose of restoring the ancient Silk Route that connected Asia and Europe, the project’s scope has been expanded over the years to include new territories and development initiatives. Also called the Belt and Road initiative (BRI), the project involves building a big network of roadways, railways, maritime ports, power grids, oil and gas pipelines, and associated infrastructure projects. The project covers two parts. The first is called the “Silk Road Economic Belt”, which is primarily land-based and is expected to connect China with Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Western Europe. The second is called the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road, which is sea-based and is expected to will China’ southern coast to the Mediterranean , Africa, South-East Asia and Central Asia. The names are confusing as the “Belt” is actually a networks of roads and the “Road” is a sea route.

Benefits of the China market

There are a number of reasons to choose China an export destination:

  • Largest country in the world by population with over 160 cities of more than a million inhabitants.
  • Fast growing consumer market resulting from increasing number of middle income consumers.
  • Growth ensured by Chinese monetary policy.
  • Forecast to become the world’s largest luxury goods market by 2020.

Our Core Business is to Consult the following market in China:

  1. Local IVF Cooperation with China Hospital
  2. Porcupine Dates Marketing in China
  3. HGH Products Marketing in China
  4. Local Travel & Tour Cooperation in China
  5. Medication Products Marketing in China

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